Green Creative LED Downlight

Green Creative LED Downlights are high quality with an industrial-strength design. Green Creative LED Downlights suit any application with both commercial and residential options. The lights fit existing architectural housing for easy installation. Shop HomElectrical today for your lighting needs.

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What are downlights?

Green Creative LED Downlights are energy star certified lights that come in warm, neutral, and cool light options. They are a form of recessed lighting that can be retrofitted to any existing ceiling lights. The downlights are available for both commercial and residential lighting applications. The downlights offer the same light output as 2 42 watt CFLs and last 4 times longer. These Green Creative LED Downlights are compatible with 0-10V dimmers with pre-wired conduit for easy installation.

Why should I buy LEDs?

The Green Creative LED Downlights have no delay in operating, providing an instant-on light without flickering or humming. LEDs are an eco-friendly option for lighting with a bright and consistent output. They last up to 4 times longer than traditional CFL bulbs and have a variety of lumens for the perfect lighting for any space.
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