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Browse through a full selection of PL LED light bulbs designed for retrofitting (replacing) CFL plugins in downlight fixtures, porch sconces, or decorative fixtures used in commercial buildings. They are manufactured in multiple designs to permit horizontal or vertical mounting in any application. LED PL bulbs also feature standard base options like E26, GU24, GX23, and G24Q with a simple ballast bypass to ensure quick and easy installations. Retrofit your inefficient CFL bulbs to T11 LED Bulbs from HomElectrical today to start saving on both energy consumption and energy costs!

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What is the benefit of having a horizontal bulb instead of a standard shaped LED?

Choosing between horizontal or vertical LED PL light bulbs depends on your light fixture. These bulbs feature both horizontal and vertical mounting options. While horizontal PL lights are ideal for standing light fixtures, such as downlights or wall sconces, vertical PL light bulbs can easily replace linear fluroescent lamps. Offering ballast bypass, direct fit (plug-and-play), and hybrid installation, you are sure to find the right bulb for you at the right price!

Is a PL light bulb plugged in, wired, or screwed in like other bulbs?

PL lights feature a variety of installation options.

  • Direct Fit PL Lamps (Ballast Compatible): Simple and easy installation with this plug-and-play replacement light fixture.
  • Hybrid Installation: These PL Light bulbs can work with both a magnetic CFL ballast or run off line voltage.
  • LED PL Retrofit Lights (Ballast Bypass): These PL light bulbs require a simple ballast bypass or the removal of the ballast to run off line voltage

How many pins do PL light bulbs have?

PL Light bulbs are designed to replace inefficient fluorescent and CFL light bulbs. These lights come in a variety of bases, including E26, GU24, GX23, and G24q.

  • E26: Standard medium household base that easily screws into light socket
  • GU24: A bi-pin connector base that can be used with CFL or LED light fixtures
  • GX23: A 2-pin plug-in connector base used for replacing 13 Watt fluorescent light fixtures
  • G24q: 4-pin connector base commonly used for 10 and 13 watt bulbs

What does it mean if the bulb is a Hybrid?

Hybrid bulbs are easy to install and can work with a magnetic CFL ballast or wired to run off line voltage. Hybrid PL light bulbs are commonly used in commercial applications to replace 13 Watt CFL and other fluorescent light fixtures. This is the most highly recommended option because it offers the best of both worlds. You can choose to remove the ballast (if it has gone bad) or use the existing ballast.  

What are some common applications for LED PL light bulbs?

PL lamps feature an elongated design that is ideal for: 

  • Table Lamps 
  • Recessed Downlighting 
  • Outdoor Fixtures 
  • Wall Sconces 
  • Ceiling Fixtures 
  • Ceiling fans in any commercial environment, including hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals and universities.
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