PAR38 LED Bulbs

Create your perfect atmosphere with LED PAR38 bulbs today! The LED PAR38 Bulb is good to use in track lighting, and many are suitable for use in enclosed and existing fixtures. PAR38 LED Bulbs are environmentally friendly, come in a variety of color temperatures for ideal lighting, and have less energy consumption than incandescent bulbs. Find the best LED PAR38 Bulb, whether it be a flood lamp or a spot beam, today at HomElectrical.

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Are all PAR38 Bulbs the same?

No, quite the opposite actually. PAR38 LED Bulbs are a range of different sizes and color saturation. Not only that, but some bulbs can only be used in an enclosed space, where others can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Different bulbs have different features that you may be looking for, such as shatter resistant or being dimmable, so make sure to read the description to find the bulb you need! These LED light bulbs come in a variety of beam angles and lighting options:

  • Narrow spot: less than 10 degree beam angle
  • Single Spot: 15 degree beam angle
  • Narrow Flood: 25 degree beam angle
  • Flood: 36 Degree Beam Angle
  • Wide Flood: Greater than 50 degree beam angle

They also come in a variety of color temperatures and wattages as well.

Is there gas inside of a PAR LED bulb, and are they highly flammable?

PAR LED light Bulbs do not contain any gas inside the lens, unlike a halogen bulb that uses gas to produce light.  While Halogen bulbs are flammable, LED PAR bulbs are not. Compare LED lights to traditional lights on our blog!

Where would I use a PAR38 LED bulb?

The most common use for a BR38 (Bulged Reflector) bulbs are used for patios because they have a broad range.  LED BR38 light bulbs can have a beam angle over 45 degrees which make them a popular bulb for flood lighting.Check out our Color Rendering Index Here!

What type of fixtures are LED PAR38 bulbs compatible with?

LED PAR38 bulbs are compatible with many different fixtures, however, they are designed for fixtures to directly focus lighting a singular area such as spotlighting or outdoor flood lighting.  They can be a great replacement for old incandescent bulbs, downlighting, and fluorescent flood lights. Read All about PAR38 Bulbs Here!
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