UFO High Bay Light

UFO high bay lights are the most energy efficient solution to all your industrial and commercial lighting needs. If you operate a warehouse, assembly plant, or grocery store, then round LED fixtures are perfect for you. We understand how important it is for you to have the right reliable LED lights for your business. HomElectrical offers a wide selection of trusted brands at competitive prices and FREE Shipping.

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Why should I retrofit to LED UFO High Bay Lights?

UFO High Bays are ideal for large indoor rooms with high ceilings. The top four reasons why we believe you should retrofit:

1. Reduce Energy Consumption By As Much As 80%
Compared to its predecessors, LED light requires significantly less power to produce the same amount of lumens. In term, a 100W LED UFO High Bay will replace a 400-Watt metal halide lamp.

Fun fact: Lumens is the actual unit of light, and not Wattage(W). Watt is the unit of power. A 400W bulb means it uses 400-Watts.

On average, it takes 30 minutes for a High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb to warm up to 100% brightness. It takes another 30 minutes to cool down when you turn them off. LED is instant on and off. No wasted wattage required to get to 100% brightness.

2. Simplifying & Reducing Your Maintenance Cost
Unlike metal halide fixtures, there is no need for a ballast or transformer for the lamp to work. That’s one less unreliable part to replace. LED can have up to 100,000 life hours. This is five times longer than your typical HID lamps. Once you have your LED high bay fixture installed, you can forget about it for the next 10 years. That’s a lot of burnt light bulbs you don’t have to replace anymore. Let along all the failed ballasts you no longer have to worry.

3. Easier to Add Automation
All reputable round high bays are dimmable. When pairing it with a dimmable occupancy sensor, you can further reduce your power usage. All those LED lamps in low traffic can be set to 10% when idle. There is no reason to have your entire warehouse lit, when only a portion of it is used. This further extend the life of your fixtures.

4. Longer Lumen Maintenance
Lumen Maintenance (LM) is a benchmark that measures the time it takes to drop a lamp to 70% (LM70) or 50% (LM50) of its original brightness. Please referred to our chart below for the LM of each type of bulbs.

Bulb Type LM(70)
Hours of Operation
Hours of Operation
LED lamp 50,000 hours 65,000 hours
High Pressure Sodium 15,000 hours 28,000 hours
Fluorescent Tube/CFL 20,000 hours 25,000 hours
Metal Halide Bulb 5,000 hours 9,000 hours

What this is telling us is that although your aged metal halide lamp might still be working, it is now only emitting 50% of its original lumens potential after just 9,000 hrs of use. LED will continue giving you close to its full brightness until its end of life.

What Are The Benefits To Retrofit To UFO High Bays?

Brighter Space, Safer Work Place
When your employees, vendors, and clients are able to see clearly, they are safer. They are less likely to trip over wiring, bump into equipment, or misjudge distances (leading to forklift crashes, damaged equipment, and damaged goods). Beyond the possibility of being harmed in a poorly lit work environment, anyone's injury on your property can make you vulnerable to liability suits for damages, lost wages, or even pain and suffering.

Happy Employee, Improve Productivity
When a work area is well lit, it has the potential to make your workers more productive and less likely to make mistakes. Bright light, especially the kind that mimics sunlight (5000K or higher), can actually lift mood and increase energy in the workplace.

Keep It Cool!
Because our LEDs don't radiate heat like less sophisticated fixtures, you can operate them with less worry about your work space (and therefore your employees, equipment, and products) becoming overheated. This helps maintain the health and productivity of your workers, as well as the quality and profitability of your product.

Protect Your Profits
Due to their high level of energy efficiency, UFO lights will last longer and need to be replaced less than other kinds of lights. This means you don't lose production time because of bulbs suddenly burning out and leaving a work area in the dark. This also means you spend less money replacing bulbs.

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