NovaLux LED Downlight

These LED downlights are constructed from durable and resistant materials so that they will require little maintenance. They can be used for a wide variety of locations and applications including: hospitals, hotels, malls, and more. NovaLux LED downlights will keep your space illuminated and stay out of the way. Explore our selection of dimmable LED downlights at HomElectrical.

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What is a NovaLux LED downlight?

A downlight, recessed into the ceiling through an opening, provides ambient or accent lighting in residential and commercial lighting applications. Recessed downlights, also commonly referred to as can lights due to their shape, save ceiling space in rooms where ceiling height is minimal.

NovaLux downlights feature durable construction with an anti-corrosion, rust-resistant aluminum alloy and heat-resistant silicon rubber. They also are constructed with a silicone rubber that is able to withstand high temperatures.

Are LED Downlights dimmable?

NovaLux does construct downlights that are dimmable so that you can create the type of ambiance that you want.

What are LED Downlights ideal for?

NovaLux downlights are ideal for airports, malls, hotels, schools, hospitals, and much more.

What is a retrofit kit?

Retrofit kits allow for installation of new LED technology into existing fixtures.An LED downlight retrofit kit provides energy efficient illumination and low maintenance fixtures. Use retrofit LED lights for reliable lighting and energy savings.

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