NovaLux LED Ceiling Light

NovaLux LED ceiling light design allows the fixtures to illuminate a space even in the areas that are wet and damp. These LED lights can be used for a variety of applications including: hospitals, hotels, electrical, and more. Explore our selection of NovaLux LED ceiling lights for your lighting needs at HomElectrical.

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What are LED Ceiling Lights?

NovaLux LED ceiling lights will save you up to 80 percent of energy and will go on without any flickering or humming. These lights are generally mounted on a ceiling in hotels, schools, hospitals, offices, and more. They can be used in wet and/or damp areas and maintain an even light distribution.

Why choose NovaLux ceiling lights?

NovaLux flush mount LED lights offer energy efficient LED lights at everyday prices. With a variety of sleek designs, complement interior design with quality NovaLux ceiling light fixtures. Their slim profile allows for use in a close or above living room furniture.

What is a beam angle?

The beam angle of an LED bulb is the angular dimension of the cone of light from the lamp. It encompasses the central part of the beam out to the angle where the intensity is 50 percent of maximum. For most household ceiling fitted applications, a beam angle of 30 or 40 degrees would be sufficient. For outdoor applications, a wider beam angle of 60 to 120 degrees is preferred to cover a larger surface area.

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