NovaLux LED High Bay Accessories

NovaLux offers LED high bay accessories ranging from mounting brackets to reflectors. Find NovaLux LED high bay accessories at HomElectrical!

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What is a high bay?

NovaLux LED High bay light fixtures offer a 90-degree beam angle and typically install on ceilings above 20 feet high. High bay fixtures illuminate large areas and can include round or linear style fixtures.

What accessory options does NovaLux offer?

NovaLux offers accessory options including:

  • Mounting brackets
  • Reflectors
  • Wire guards
  • Dimmable housing
  • Occupancy sensor – the light powers on when it detects someone in the area
  • Motion sensor – powers on the light when it detects motion
  • Remote control for UFO high bays with motion sensor
  • Extender mount for occupancy sensor – extends connection to fixture
  • Daylight-harvesting microwave sensor – used to reduce energy consumption during daylight hours
  • UFO high bay junction box
  • Emergency driver – used to power the fixture when the power goes out
  • Glass cover
  • Gateway - for SMART control
  • Chain hook for UFO high bay
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