Blaster is a company that is dedicated to making sure that your equipment and tools are functioning to the best of their ability no matter how old they are. Blaster air tool conditioner, penetrant, and air tool lubricant are designed to repair your tools and keep them functioning as if they were new. These lubricants will also prevent any further freezing up, corrosion, and rust from appearing back on your equipment. Discover our collection of Blaster lubricants and penetrants at HomElectrical.

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What is Blaster Air Tool Lubricant?

Blaster air tool lubricant is designed to offer protection to the inner mechanical parts of your equipment and tools. They are used for maintenance for improving the tools operations and extending their life expectancy. It will also protect your tools from fast speeds and shocks.

What is Blaster Penetrant Catalyst Lubricant?

Blaster penetrant catalyst lubricant is made for quickly loosening tool parts that have been frozen or rusted. On top of that it will protect against any rust and corrosion. It is generally used on automotive, industrial, plumbing, and other types of equipment.

What is Blaster Air Tool Conditioner?

Blaster air tool conditioner is designed to revive tools and equipment that is drafty or pneumatic. It will lessen the friction between parts to create a smoother operation. Additionally, it protects the tool or piece of equipment from any future freeze up.

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