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Phoenix Brands is a leading company in cleaning products that will help you get any job done while being easy to use. Phoenix Brands aim to be the leading products in the industry and stay at the top of their customer's priority lists. Phoenix Brands is dedicated to producing high performance products at a fair cost. With the efficiency of these products, you will be able to save time to be able to do things you want and matter most.

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How do I know which detergent to use?

  • Fab Ultra: This detergent cleans while also leaving colors vibrant and maintaining that white glow. This detergent leaves a fresh fragrance to dry laundry in a variety of different smells.
  • Dynamo: With a high cleaning power, this detergent is gentle but effective when cleaning clothes. With a variety of different fragrances, this cleaner is free of dyes, perfumes, and enzymes to benefit the user and not agitate sensitive skin.
  • Final Touch: This detergent is high performing for it's small and efficient doses used. This cleaner will leave your clothes soft, fragrant, and smooth for a comfortable fit.

What is a portable electrode oven?

Portable electrode ovens are designed for re-drying electrodes on the go or on the job to make it easier access. They removes electrodes from any moisture and prevent weld cracking.
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