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Embraco manufactures refrigeration compressors for commercial and residential use, as well as food, retail, cold rooms, and more. Choose from a wide variety of fixed or variable speed refrigeration compressors. You can also find condensing units, relays, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find the Embraco brand compressors and condensing units you need!

Who makes Embraco compressors?

Embraco is a portfolio brand of Nidec Global Appliance. Founded in 1971, Embraco served as a pioneer in fostering the early development of variable speed as well as the use of natural refrigerants in cooling solutions. A global supplier of refrigeration technology for the residential and commercial cold chain, Embraco delivers innovative products that exceed the demands of the market while anticipating future trends. They have a global production capacity of 80 million units of motors and compressors per year. They have twelve manufacturing plants and four business offices across nine countries.

Embraco offers fixed speed compressors as well as condensing units and relays. With this selection, you can find a wide variety of refrigeration compressors, including those meant for commercial and residential use from Embraco! Nidec Global Appliance, Embraco’s parent organization, acquired Embraco in 2019. Nidec Global Appliance, a platform of Nidec Corporation, manufactures and commercializes a variety of products for home and commercial applications.

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What are refrigeration compressors?

Compressors control the flow of refrigerant. They change the pressure of the refrigerant vapor, compressing the gas from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure gas. A few different types of compressors exist, including reciprocating, rotary, and centrifugal compressors.

Refrigeration compressors commonly see use in air conditioning units and refrigerators but may also see use in other systems that use refrigerant.

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What is the difference between a fixed speed and variable speed compressor?

A fixed speed compressor operates at one constant speed and switches on and off to meet the demands of the equipment. However, these compressors require a high-power load to start the unit each time, which reduces its energy efficiency. They work well in applications that require a constant air demand.

Variable speed compressors, also called VCCs or inverter, adapt the capacity to meet the demands of the refrigerator or cooling unit. This variable speed system also allows the compressor to recover more quickly from door openings which makes them a good fit for food service.

What is natural refrigerant?

Natural refrigerants act as a natural alternative to synthetic refrigerants. The transition to natural refrigerants allows for a refrigerant that works better for the environment than traditional options.

Traditional synthetic refrigerants, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), have a negative impact on the environment as they destroy the ozone layer. Additionally, they contain a high ODP and GWP rating. ODP, which stands for Ozone Depletion Potential, indicates how much damage a substance may cause to the ozone layer. They range on a scale of 0 to 1 with numbers closer to 0 indicating a lower impact on the ozone layer. GWP, which stands for Global Warming Potential, measures how much a greenhouse gas contributes to global warming.

The now commonly used synthetic hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) do not contain chlorine so they do not damage the ozone layer in the same way. However, they still contribute to global warming as they function as a greenhouse gas. Natural refrigerants, like hydrocarbons (HCs), occur naturally in the environment so they avoid damaging the ozone layer. They also have a low GWP rating or avoid contributing to global warming altogether as they occur naturally in the environment.

Embraco offers some refrigeration compressors that can use natural refrigerants. They offer some compressors that can use R-290 refrigerant, a hydrocarbon, like this R-290 refrigeration compressor.

What compressors does Embraco offer?

Embraco offers a robust portfolio designed to meet market trends. Their climate-friendly technology offers high performance, innovation, and energy efficiency. Their fixed speed compressor options include the following series:

EM series offer an ideal household refrigeration solution. They also work well in small commercial applications. These compact compressors boast low noise and vibration while reaching the highest efficiency levels available.

NT series compressors address the demand for lower energy consumption and lower noise levels in commercial refrigeration equipment. They offer an increased displacement of up to 27.8 cc with greater benefits such as efficiency, noise, size, and cost when compared to larger platforms with equivalent displacement.

NJ series compressors work in commercial refrigeration and offer the lowest noise levels in their category. They come equipped with an electric motor with internal protection, features versions with forced cooling and a low or high starting torque. Ideally, they see use in refrigerated-counter coolers for professional kitchens and cold rooms.

NE series offers two efficiency levels and work in commercial applications. Compatible with their VNEK version variable speed technology, these models come in high or low starting torque models.

F series includes an extended application range. These robust and efficient compressors can work in severe conditions. They work ideally in commercial applications in conditions that require frequent starts.

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What is a refrigeration condenser?

Refrigerator condensers remove the heat from the interior of the refrigerator. This unit typically sits at the back or bottom of the refrigerator. However, some models may install this unit along the side.

Regularly clearing away dust from the condenser coils can help keep the unit running effectively, especially if you own pets that shed.

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