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If you need to replace your refrigeration equipment, look no further than Embraco at HomElectrical. Founded in 1971, Embraco pioneered variable speed and natural refrigerants in cooling solutions. Today, Embraco still meets the market’s most challenging demands and anticipates future trends. HomElectrical now carries Embraco products including fixed speed compressors, variable speed compressors, and cooling solutions. Let’s take a closer look at Embraco’s collection of products:

Fixed Speed Compressors:

A fixed speed compressor sends a supply of constant, or fixed, voltage to the motor. Fixed-speed compressors always operate at full throttle even with a minimal load.
ES Series
ES Series: Though the smallest fixed-speed compressor in the collection, this high-tech series offers high efficiency levels. This saves money since the compressors use less energy while working just as well as their counterparts from other brands.
EG Series
EG Series: Ideal for household refrigeration, it includes a standard, medium, high, or very high level of efficiency. Their low noise and vibration levels also makes them good for medium-sized commercial applications.
EM Series
EM Series: These compact compressors give off low noise and vibration. They reach the highest efficiency levels in the market.
F Series
F Series: It has an extended application range so that these robust, efficient compressors can work in severe conditions. They work well in applications requiring frequent starts.
NE Series
NE Series: Designed especially for commercial use, this series has 2 efficiency levels. Compatible with variable speed technology, these models come in high or low starting torque.
NT Series
NT Series: This series addresses the increasing demand for lower energy consumption and lower noise levels for commercial refrigeration equipment. The increased displacement of 27.8 cubic centimeters (cc) offers more benefits in efficiency, noise, size, and cost.
NJ Series
NJ Series: Designed for commercial refrigeration, it offers the lowest noise levels in its category. It includes an electric motor with internal protection. Choose between versions with forced cooling, low or high starting torque.

Variable Speed Compressors:

A variable speed compressor uses an intelligent drive system to alter the motor speed to match the air demand. The speed of the unit fluctuates to line up with the required output.
FMS Series
FMS Series: Compressors in this series achieve a wide range of cooling capacity and efficiency. In applications with limited internal space, FMS compressors provides better food preservation and low noise. It works with R600a natural refrigerant.
FMX Series
FMX Series: This compact compressor provides better food preservation, low noise, and wide voltage range. It ensures accurate and consistent temperatures to safeguard sensitive products such as medical equipment. It uses R600a natural refrigerant.
FMF Series
FMF Series: This series boasts energy savings from using inverter technology to provide better temperature control. It enables the compressor to run at a broader range of speeds, resulting in lower noise and vibration compared to other solutions. It uses R290 natural refrigerant and works best in light commercial applications.
VES Series
VES Series: It offers 45% more efficiency in comparison to conventional compressors. Its low noise and vibration levels guarantee better food preservation.
VNE Series
VNE Series: Ideal for large commercial equipment such as vertical ice cream freezers, supermarkets, and medical applications, the VNE series offers a low noise in comparison to conventional compressors. This robust compressor has a high starting torque and works with multiple refrigerants: R404A, R134A, and R290.
VEG Series
VEG Series: the VEG series uses inverter compressors with up to 40% more efficiency compared to conventional products. Quieter than conventional compressors, the VEG series ensures better food preservation with more stable temperatures inside the refrigerator.
VEM Series
VEM Series: This low-noise, high-efficiency series works well in household refrigerators and freezers. This compressor uses inverter technology to provide precise temperature control. It is based on their high-tech EM compressor.

Cooling Solutions:

Falcon: These condensing units from 2 to 6 hp include condensers with finned copper tubes. The thermal conductivity and anti-corrosive resistance of the copper ensures an outstanding capacity. This unit uses R22 gas.
Bioma: This condensing unit for cold rooms includes new silent features and meets environment requirements with an innovative design and easy maintenance. This unit comes in low temperatures up to 4kw and medium temperatures up to 10kw. It works well in outdoor applications, compatible with refrigerants including R449A, R452A, and R513A.
Plug N Cool
Plug N’ Cool: Designed for reach-in food retail, this self-contained solution reduces a store’s energy consumption with refrigeration by more than 30%. The “plug and play” refrigeration option accelerates the installation process by 70% and replaces the traditional machine room. It uses natural R290 refrigerant.
Sliding Unit
Sliding Unit: This condensing unit works best in outdoor applications. It simplifies stackability and allows for easy maintenance for cold rooms and usage of low GWP refrigerants. The longitudinal air flow allows for maximum performance optimization and can install directly on the wall. The screwless access reduces the maintenance time and makes it easier to access the unit’s internal parts.
Plug In
Plug In: This complete solution reduces complexity and allows faster installation. The Plug-In works ideally in three door reach-in equipment.
Standard CDUs
Standard CDUs: This full-range portfolio from 0.1KW to 5KW works in all applications. Compliant with the latest eco-design regulations and HFC bans. It includes a range of options in R290 for natural refrigerant early adopters.

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Emily Klump
Emily Klump

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