Guardian products are designed for the fastest response to a chemical accident in the lab. Their eye washes and showers provide immediate relief from chemical burns and fires. While these are situations we all hope would never happen, they inevitably do. When they do you are going to want these products to be there in that time of need. Keep your emergency kit up to date so you are prepared for the unkown with Guardian products today.

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What is an eyewash unit?

Eyewash units are used when someone gets a dangerous chemical in their eyes. They are designed to flood the eyes with water in order to remove the chemical or debris from the face as fast as possible.

What is an emergency shower used for?

If someone gets covered in dangerous chemicals and they need to get them off immediately then they can jump in the emergency shower. It's designed to be extremely fast simple to use, because you want the fastest response time in case of an emergency.
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