Permatex is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium chemical products used for automotive, repairs, and home and hardware markets. Permatex sells a variety of different products ranging from gasket makers, sealants, cleaners, lubricants, and more to provide the best quality for customers. Being committed to constantly meeting customer's needs, Permatex continues to create innovative products and strives to be the leading supplier for all industries.

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What is the difference between Optimum Gasket Makers and the Right Stuff?

Depending on the project you are working on and how long you are wanting to wait for the adhesive to dry, you will want to pick your product wisely. The Optimum Gasket Maker requires 24 hours for a full cure while the Right Stuff eliminates the need to wait and cures quickly. The Right Stuff is efficient and has a heavier and faster sealing bead than other products making it your number 1 choice.

Once I use the materials to bond together, is there any way of removing them?

Once you have bonded objects together, it is extremely difficult to separate them, but is not impossible. Depending on the material you are trying to separate from, you have to use different methods. Heat or prying will damage any glass, but the best thing to do is try to bring it in somewhere to see what they recommend for sensitive objects, or see if they can replace it themselves; especially for mirrors.
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