Facom is a distribution company of premier high quality tools for professional industries, such as the mechanical, electrical, agricultural, aerospace, public works, building, and automotive industries.They offer safe and reliable hand tools for any industry specialist. Whether you're in search of industrial power tools, or adjustable wrenches, Facom tools has the right one for you!

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How to use a Facom adjustable monkey wrench?

  1. Open the adjustable wrench by turning the mechanism with your thumb.
  2. Check and measure the size of the nut and bolt that you need to loosen or tighten
  3. Make sure you have opened the wrench up enough to fit around the nut or bolt
  4. Once the adjustable wrench is fastened, hold the wrench still, and fasten it tightly around the nut.
  5. Turn the wrench clockwise to tighten, or counter-clockwise to loosen

What is a pin spanner wrench used for?

The pin spanner wrench from Facom Tools is used to fasten nuts and bolts by using a torque mechanism. The main difference between a spanner and a wrench is that spanners will sometimes have teeth that can grip and clasp onto the nut and bolt. Pin spanner wrenches are great for nuts with lateral holes.
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