JET Tools

JET Tools is a leading manufacturing company that specializes in quality woodworking and metalworking tools & machinery. They offer a variety of mallets, hammers, power tools, clamps, hoists, and more.
JET Tools

JET Tools Vises

For an extra hand on the job JET Tools Vises securely holds materials steady while you work on them on your workbench.

JET Tools Power Tools

Choose Jet Tools Power Tools to tackle the task at hand with tool grinders, pedestal stands, or air scalers each designed for a specific task.

JET Tools Mallets & Hammers

Shop for JET Tools Mallets and Hammers featuring BASH unbreakable handle sledgehammers designed to withstand harsh treatment during difficult jobs.

JET Tools Clamps

Use C-clamps by JET Tools Clamps to temporarily hold materials together during light industrial use.

JET Tools Carts, Trolleys, and Hoists

Lift and move heavy equipment with JET Tools Carts, Trolleys, and Hoists built tough for industrial use.

What tools are great for metalworking?

Jet Tools has a variety of power tools that are great for cutting and grinding metal. C-clamps can be used to keep your metal projects in place while you work. Browse through Jet Tool's selection of grinders, hammer, mallets, and electric hoists for your welding and metalworking needs.

What is the use of a C-clamp?

Jet Tools offers a variety of heavy duty c-clamps that can be used to hold metal or wood into place. These are great for welding or carpentry projects.

What is the difference between a hammer and a mallet?

A hammer is a tool with a metal head that can be used for added impact, such as hammering nails. Mallets can be used to shape metal and break through walls for renovation projects. Generally, mallets will have a wood, rubber, or hardened plastic head for a softer impact than a hammer.
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