JET Tools Power Tools

Are some metal pieces that you are working with starting to look like an old unfinished puzzle piece? It is a fact that the older something gets the more problems can arise. JET Tools offers power tools that are able to refurbish an object and get rid of destructive residues. Explore a variety of power tools for your application at HomElectrical.

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What are JET Tool Grinders made of?

  • Rubber mounts prevent movement
  • Cast-iron wheel guards and dust vents
  • Adjustable tool rests
  • Large eyeshields that are adjustable

What are JET Tool Pedestal Stands used for?

  • Perfect for shops low on space
  • Built to withstand heavy demands
  • Made from heavy duty cast iron
  • Can be used to grind, sharpen, or smooth

What are JET Tool Air Needles used for?

These steel needles are attached to a needle gun scaler, also known as a needle scaler, and gets rid of residue.

  • Made to attach to a compressor air line
  • Perfect for surfaces that are durable and irregular
  • Surfaces must be able to take a heavy scouring
  • Needles can remove weld flux, scale, rust, cement, paint, and more

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