JET Tools Carts, Trolleys, and Hoists

Trolleys can be used for a lot more than re-enacting scenes from the latest Mission Impossible movie. JET Tool's trolleys are perfect for those construction projects that take place in high places. They are easily adjustable no matter where you are and can lift up to 1 ton of weight. Find the right trolley for you next application at HomElectrical.

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What are JET Tools Trolleys made of?

JET Tools trolley is made from a heavy gauge steel that will not only increase its durability but its lifespan.

Some of its features include:

  • Steel wheels and thick bearing create a smooth movement
  • Built in bumper guards for safety
  • Adjustable to wide-flange H-beams, standard I-beams or curved track

What are JET Tools manual Trolleys?

Manual trolleys are going to require that the user pull on one side of the rope that is carrying the heavy material. Automatic trolleys are able to use motors so that they are doing all of the work for you.

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