Wilson Industries

Wilson Industries is a representative of manufacturers that work in the electronic industry. Their collection of welding equipment is designed for giving you and those just passing by greater protection including a welding glove, a welding curtain, and a welding umbrella. All of these tools are made to be heat and UV resistant so that you can keep on welding comfortably. Explore our collection of Wilson Industries welding supplies for your application at HomElectrical.

What are Wilson Industries Hand Pads used for?

Wilson Industries hand pads are specifically designed to protect a welder from any weld splatter and are heat resistant. These are sewn and riveted during the construction giving the more strength and durability during their use.

What are Wilson Industries Welding Curtain used for?

A welding curtain from Wilson Industries is used during the welding process to protect those outside the welder area from possible splatter and UV radiation.

What is a welding umbrella?

Wilson Industries welding umbrella is made from aluminum making it a lightweight tool. It can function like a regular umbrella by protecting you from the sun or rain. The only difference with this type of umbrella is that it has fire resistant fabric.

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