Makita is a leading company in power tools. Makita operates worldwide and strives to create quality power tools such as saws, drills, woodwork tools, grinders, blades, and more! Makita wants you to unplug and experience their power tools that are made to be efficient, convenient, and increase productivity when completing a task or job. Go cordless today and browse our collection to find your next innovative tool.

Can I use other brand chargers with Makita products?

It is important that you do NOT use other brands and only use authentic Makita batteries and chargers. Because Makita batteries are made with strict standards and other brands could harm your tools between the electronic connection of the battery and charger.

How much do Makita batteries weigh?

Depending on which battery you are wanting, they come in two weights:
  • BL1815 and BL1820B - .85lbs
  • BL1830B-BL1860B – 1.35lbs
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