FTZ Industries

As a leading manufacturer of electrical components, FTZ Industries has provided innovative products for over 30 years. They offer battery connectors, wire terminals, wire connectors, cable clamps, and much more. Discover a wide variety of FTZ Industries electrical components available at HomElectrical!
FTZ Industries

Wire & Cable Cutter

Find the right tool for the job with FTZ Industries selection of wire and cable cutters, as well as crimp tools, replacement blades, and more.

Wire Lugs

Find a wide selection of wire lugs, including correct connect starter lugs, power lugs, power splice, and much more from FTZ Industries.

Heat Shrink

Protect connector and wire conjunctions from corrosion, fungus, or fluid in harsh environments with FTZ Industries’ heat shrink tubing.

Battery Terminals

Discover a selection of FTZ Industries battery terminals, including post top, stud top, side mount, emergency battery terminals, and more.

Terminal & Post Brush

Find tools to clean terminals, including battery terminal and post brushes, terminal and clamp brushes, cleaning brush for 7-way trailer plug, and more from FTZ Industries!

Wire Terminals

FTZ Industries offers a selection of wire terminals, including butt splices, locking forks, quick disconnects, and much more.

Wire Connector

Create secure wire connections with FTZ Industries range of wire connectors, including ground rod clamps, post connectors, compression sleeves, and more.

Electrical Tape

Protect and shield wires and cables with FTZ Industries’ electrical tape, available in multiple color and size options.


Protect your circuit with a wide selection of fuses from FTZ Industries.

Split Loom

FTZ Industries split loom a selection of size and length options so you can find the one that works best for your project.

Solder Accessories

Find the soldering accessories you need for electrical tasks, including solder pellets, paste, and flux with FTZ Industries’ solder accessories.

Battery Terminal Accessories

Find the accessories you need for your battery terminal, including adjustable battery carriers, cross-over cable assemblies, stud top post converters, and much more.

Surge Protector

Surge protectors protect your devices from damage caused by power spikes. FTZ makes surge protectors for marine electronics, ensuring safety even on the water. Shop HomElectrical to find the FTZ Industries surge protector you need today!

Power Distribution

Choose a power distribution block from FTZ Industries’ selection, including 1-, 2-, and 3-pole options.

Electrical Wire & Cable

Choose FTZ Industries to find a selection of electrical wires and cables, such as truck and trailer cables, welding cables, and GXL primary wire.

Cable Ties

Secure your items with cable ties, cable tie kits, and installation tools from FTZ Industries.

Battery Connectors

Replace old battery connections on electrical equipment with FTZ Industries' Battery Connectors built with quality contacts and housing.

Cable Clamps

FTZ Industries supplies a selection of cable clamps, including steel, nylon, and cushion clamps, to help secure and protect your wiring.

Why choose FTZ Industries?

FTZ Industries offers a variety of electrical components for use in transportation and industrial applications. They use UL certified test facilities and robotic based manufacturing as well as industry leading product development and engineering.

HomElectrical carries the following products from FTZ Industries:

  • Battery connectors
  • Battery terminals
  • Battery terminal accessories
  • Cable clamps
  • Cable ties
  • Electrical tape
  • Electrical wire & cable
  • Fuses
  • Heat shrink tubing and equipment
  • Power distribution supplies
  • Soldering accessories
  • Split loom
  • Terminal & post brush supplies
  • Wire and cable cutters
  • Wire connectors
  • Wire lugs
  • Wire terminals

What are wire connectors?

Wire connectors create a secure connection between two or more wires. Wire nut wire connectors often twist on while push-in wire connectors create a secure connection without using a wire nut.

FTZ Industries offers a wide variety of wire connectors, including split bolt connectors, insulated multi-tap connectors, splicer reducers, ground rod clamps, and more.

What electrical wires and cables does FTZ Industries offer?

FTZ Industries offers truck and trailer cables, GXL primary wire, welding cables, and battery cables.

Truck and trailer cables work in automotive applications. FTZ Industries truck and trailer cables come in 100-foot spools and offer multi-conductor options as well as various wire sizes and color choices.

GXL primary wire often works in automotive solutions and applications that require high heat resistance. FTZ Industries GXL primary wire conforms to the SAE International, formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers, J1128 specifications.

Welding cables typically consist of thinner strands of copper wires. FTZ Industries' super-fine stranding ensures maximum flexibility while their specially formulated insulation provides superior solvent resistance and protects in extreme temperatures.

Battery cables typically consist of thicker strands of copper wire. FTZ Industries' battery cables conform to the SAE J1127 specifications and feature a thermoplastic insulation rated at 105 degrees Celsius.

What are cable clamps?

Cable clamps guide and protect wires and cables. FTZ Industries offers a variety of cable clamps available in many sizes, including heavy duty nylon, steel, and cushion clamps. Their steel cable clamps offer quick and easy mounting while their cushion clamps feature an EPDM cushion to help reduce vibration.

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