FTZ Industries Wire & Cable Cutter

Electrical wiring projects require specialty tools to complete the job. FTZ Industries' wire and cable cutter products allow you to cut and create solderless contacts, as necessary. Browse FTZ Industries' wire & cable cutters to find the right tool for the job at affordable prices from HomElectrical!

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What is a cable cutter used for?

During electrical projects, cable cutters cut wires and cables to meet the appropriate size or attach connectors. After cutting, the wires must then be stripped to connect to another cable or a connector.

What are crimp tools?

Crimp tools look and work like pliers. Crimp tools join wires and connectors by altering the metal to remain in place by creasing and tightening connectors around wires. Connectors that attach to wires include lugs and terminals.

FTZ Industries crimping tools include handheld crimpers and bench mounted crimpers in various sizes to accommodate different wire and cable gauges.

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