FTZ Industries Terminal & Post Brush

Before replacing problem batteries, check to see if the terminals require cleaning. If you need to renew your batteries, FTZ Industries battery cleaning brushes remove corrosion, dirt, and debris to ensure a strong connection for optimal power performance. Shop HomElectrical for FTZ Industries terminal and post brushes to keep your batteries in good working order.

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What is a battery post/terminal brush?

Battery post top and terminal brushes feature abrasive, metal bristles within a handleable housing for cleaning terminals left corroded or dirty. A common application for the brushes includes cleaning automotive battery post tops. If a battery does not operate correctly, ensure cleanliness with a brush before replacing the battery.

What FTZ Industries terminal and post brushes are available?

FTZ Industries offers 2-piece and 3-way post brushes which allow for manual battery cleaning. Other terminal cleaning brush models work with power drills for easy mechanical cleaning.

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