Blackhawk is a manufacturer of thousands of different hand tools including: wrenches, sockets, hammers, pliers, punches, and more. They have a wide selection of combination, ratchet, and ratchet gear wrench sets to make the fastening and loosening of nuts or bolts easier. Explore our collection of Blackhawk wrenches and wrench sets for your application at HomElectrical.

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What is a Ratcheting Gear Wrench?

Blackhawk ratcheting gear wrenches are similar to combination wrenches in that they have one end as a wrench and the other is an enclosed circle. The difference with a ratcheting gear wrench is that the enclosed circle end is able to act like an actual ratchet. You won't have to turn it around so that you can start turning the nut or bolt the other way either. With a turn of the switch, located on the wrench, you will be able to go either which way.

What are Blackhawk wrenches used for?

Blackhawk wrenches are generally used for the loosening or tightening of nuts and bolts. So they can be used for construction, demolition, plumbing, engineering, and more.
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