Coilhose Pneumatics

Coilhose Pneumatics manufactures pneumatic accessories for a wide variety of applications such as: construction, engineering, demolition, and more since 1969. They are most commonly known for their nylon coiled hose, which is a self-storing hose making it easy to use and store. Explore our selection of Coilhose Pneumatics hoses and accessories for your applications today!

How are Coilhose Pneumatics self-storing hose different?

Coilhose Pneumatic self-storing nylon hose is designed to be flexible and stretchy looking like a piece of curly hair. These hoses can be used for both air and water depending on your type of application. Its shape allows the hose to be easily stored and will not require any physical labor.

What's the difference between Coilhose Pneumatics couplers and conntectors?

  • Couplers - a type of connector that is made from brass to prevent the hose from twisting and becoming difficult to use.
  • Connectors - are made of steel and/or brass, can extends the life of a hose, and are interchangeable so that they can be used on a wide range of other hoses.
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