Royal Paper

Royal Paper is your leading brand of paper products, cleaning solutions, and disposable sanitizing wipes. They specialize in disposable products for the food service, retail, hospitality, and janitorial industries. Browse through our selection of cleaning and personal hygiene products today!

What are Royal Paper latex gloves used for?

Made of natural rubber latex, these disposable gloves from Royal Paper help provide a puncture-resistant solution for food service applications. They are USDA approved and help provide a barrier against food contamination.

What surfaces can scouring pads be used on?

  Light Duty  Medium Duty Heavy Duty  Metal Soap Utility
Baseboards         X
Baked on cheese & sauces     X X  
Equipment, cooking, maintenance, and kitchen X X X X  
Countertops/Laminates X        
Floors X X X X X
General in-sink applications  X X   X  
Plastics, glass, and mirrors  X        
Granite X        
Griddles, fryers, & hot surfaces X X X X X
Non-stick surfaces X        
Pots & Pans  X X X X  
Sinks, tubs, and showers X X X X  
Stainless steel surfaces X        
Vinyl X        
Wood X        


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