E-Box Enclosures, Inc.

Since 1998, E-Box, Inc. has offered a quality selection of electrical enclosures. They continue as one of the largest independently owned and operated manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the southeast. They aim to meet demands for UL listed electrical enclosures by supplying high quality and durable products. E-Box Enclosures manufactures products like wiring troughs, wireways, enclosures, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find a wide selection of electrical enclosures from E-Box!
E-Box Enclosures, Inc.

E-Box Electrical Enclosure

Shop a selection of galvanized or galvannealed electrical enclosures, JIC boxes, small enclosures, and enclosures with single or double doors.

E-Box Wiring Trough

Choose from a wide variety of wiring troughs available in different sizes and NEMA ratings so you can find the one you need.

E-Box Wireway

Protect your wires with a wide variety of wireways ranging in length from 12 inches up to 120 inches.

E-Box Hole Seal

Shop hole seals in a wide variety of sizes!

What is an electrical enclosure?

Electrical enclosures refer to a cabinet or box designed to protect electrical or electronic equipment. They shield the contents of the enclosure from the environment and protect people from electrical shock. Electrical enclosures protect equipment such as circuit breakers, control panels, switches, and other electrical equipment.

Enclosures usually consist of a rigid plastic or metal construction, often steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. They see use in a diverse range of applications, including industrial and utility applications.

What is a NEMA type?

National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) serves the United States and uses a rating system that defines the environments an electrical enclosure can be used in. These ratings signify the ability of an enclosure to withstand certain environmental conditions.

NEMA ratings range from Type 1 up to Type 13 with varying degrees of protection. NEMA Type 1 enclosures offer the most basic level of protection and work in indoor applications only. These enclosures protect against small amounts of falling dirt or dust, as well as accidental contact. NEMA Type 12, though seemingly much higher on the scale, only offer protection a step above Type 1 and 2. Type 12 enclosures also work indoors and protect against water drips, falling dirt, dust, and non-corrosive liquids.

Outdoor enclosure ratings include Type 3, 3R, 4, and 4X.

  • Type 3 - work for indoor or outdoor use. Protects against windblown dust, falling dirt, rain, snow, and sleet. Also protects against external ice formation, though they may not be suitable for all types of weather. They also protect against accidental contact from personnel.
  • Type 3R - offers the same benefits as a Type 3 enclosure but omits the protection against windblown dust.
  • Type 4 - provides the same protections as a Type 3 but also adds protection against splashing water and hose directed water.
  • Type 4X - same protections as Type 4 except they add protection against corrosion.

What is a wiring trough?

A wiring trough acts as a type of wireway. These structures protect cables from environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, oil, and moisture. They may also carry branch circuits, electrical feeds, or other groups of conductors. Wireways typically feature hinged or removable covers to allow access to the electrical wires and cables inside.

The terms ‘wireway’ and ‘wiring trough’ are often used interchangeably.

What is a hole seal?

EBox provides hole seals designed to seal unused push button holes, conduit and knockout holes, and other openings of irregular shapes and sizes. They seal against dust, dirt, water, and oil.

They often cover access holes for conduit and push buttons. They also help extend the life of the electrical equipment inside the enclosure by preventing outside air from entering.

What does EBox Enclosures offer?

To meet ever increasing demands for listed electrical enclosures, E Box supplies enclosures constructed with superior quality. E-Box offers a wide selection of electrical enclosures and accessories. Their options include:

  • Wiring troughs
  • Wireways
  • Hole seals
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Accessories
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