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Protect your cables and electrical wires with the right wireway from E-Box! E Box wireways come in a variety of lengths and sizes to shield runs of cables. Shop HomElectrical to find the right E-Box wireway!

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What is an electrical wireway?

A wireway routes and protects wiring and cables. They often install as systems and may connect with multiple other wireways to create long runs with straight sections and other fittings to form a pathway. They may also work with fittings to create more complicated runs around corners or sharp turns.

Wireways include hinged or removable covers to protect wiring and cables while still allowing access. E-Box wireways include a NEMA 1 rating, which means they help protect against falling dirt or dust and can only see use indoors.

Wireways may come with or without knockouts. Options that include knockouts work well in areas with a standard configuration. This means they don’t require customization or extra setup. Wireways without knockouts can work for custom setups or configurations as this allows you to best determine where to place the knockouts to suit the job.

What are the different types of wireways?

Wireways come in a few different configurations, including lay-in and pull through styles.

Lay-in wireways open on one side so you can lay wires and cables safely without need to pull them through. These options allow for a quicker and easier installation than some other options.

Pull-through wireways require you to string the wire or cable through the wireway. They may include a hinged lid for access.

Why use an E Box wireway?

As one of the largest independently owned and operated manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the southeastern United States, E-box offers a wide range of enclosures. They offer wireways in lengths ranging from 12 inches in length up to 120 inches, or 10 feet. They offer options available in various widths to so you can find the one that you need for the job.

E-box also offers wiring troughs, electrical enclosures, and hole seals, as well as fittings for wireways such as:

  • 90-degree elbows
  • Endcaps
  • U-Connectors
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