Bouton is a developer of eye protection and care equipment. These pieces of personal protection equipment are essential for a variety of applications including: construction, plumbing, electrical, engineering, and more. Bouton safety glasses and safety goggles are designed to keep your eyes protected from objects and debris. Extra measure can be taken with a Bouton eye wash station which will remove any debris or dangerous substances that may have gotten caught in your eyes. Explore our collection of Bouton eye care and protection products at HomElectrical.

What are Bouton Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles?

Bouton safety glasses and safety goggles are a piece of personal protection equipment that is used to protect the wearer's eyes from any damage. Their variety of goggles includes: breathable, tinted lenses, and indirect vent. These safety glasses are more standards and have spaces in between them that can leave the user susceptible to debris and air borne substances.

What are other Bouton Personal Protection Equipment?

Bouton personal protection equipment is limited to eye protection and care. Eye wash stations, for example, are essential pieces of equipment when you are working in any environment that could be hazardous to your eyes. Even if there are no dangerous chemicals and you still have to wear protective eye gear, it is better to have an eyewash station on hand than not. And to keep that eye gear maintained there are cleaning wipes and solutions that are used to wipe the lenses. This will keep the lenses visible and lower the chances of an accident.

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