Wilton Tools was originally founded because of the development of their new vices in 1941. Now they have expanded their sights and have gone into power tools, vices, and hand tools. Right now they are most known for their amazing sledgehammer with an unbreakable handle. Their power tools may not be as invincible but as just as effective with the aluminum construction granting you a lighter tool and greater control. Check out our collection of Wilton Tools at HomElectrical for your application.

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What is an Unbreakable Sledgehammer?

Wilton's unbreakable sledgehammers are designed to provide the full strength and force like a regular sledgehammer with one hitch. The handles on these sledgehammers are made so that they will not break under any type of pressure, you could run over it with your car and still not break it. They are great for construction, demolition, renovations, engineering, and more.

What power tools does Wilton have?

Wilton has two different types of power tools including a grinder and impact wrench. A grinder is generally used for polishing or sanding a variety of materials. An impact wrench is like a socket wrench except with more force and is generally used for fasteners. These are both made from lightweight aluminum to give the user greater accuracy and easier use.

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