Bosch Power Tools

With roots as far back as 1886, Bosch remains a world market leader for power tools and accessories. Characterized by innovation, Bosch Tools offers a wide selection of quality power tools such as rotary and oscillating tools, grinders, saws, and much more. You can find both corded and cordless power tool options such as a corded or cordless drill, rotary hammers, grinders, and more. Explore Bosch power tool options at HomElectrical to find the tools and accessories you need to get the job done right!
Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Specialty Tools

Explore a wide variety of specialty tools such as measuring wheels, tripods for lasers, jobsite radios, cordless blowers, and more.

Bosch Grinders

Find quality angle grinders that deliver performance and reliability with this selection of angle grinders and accessories!

Bosch Demolition Hammers

Choose from a wide selection of quality demolition hammers, jackhammers, and breaker hammers.

Bosch Levels

Shop a quality selection of levels, including self-leveling, cross-line laser levels, rotary laser levels, and much more.

Bosch Drill Bits

Explore a wide selection of drill bits and drill bit sets, including driven bits, rotary hammer bits, and more.

Bosch Saw Blade & Electric Saw

Browse a selection of miter saws, jigsaws, table saws, and saw blades to help you get the job done right!

Bosch Drills & Impact Drivers

Shop a selection of drill/driver combos, drill and driver kits, hammer drills, impact drivers, and more!

Bosch Router Bits

Browse through a selection of router bits to help you craft elegant woodwork, cabinetry, and more.

Bosch Battery & Battery Charger

Shop a variety of batteries and battery chargers including lithium-ion batteries and chargers, portable power adapters, and more.

Bosch Laser Measure

Get accurate measurements with this selection of laser measures, including laser measures with easy-to-read displays, units that work outdoors, and more.

Bosch Tool Organizer

Browse a selection of tool organizer options including storage cases, shelf systems, and more.

Bosch Rotary Hammers

Shop a variety of rotary hammers, including SDS-plus and SDS-max options as well as their PROFACTOR rotary hammer options.

Bosch Vacuums

Shop a selection of hand vacuums, wet/dry vacuums, dust extractors, dust collector attachments, and accessories including bags, filters, and more.

Bosch Router & Router Tables

Shop a selection of routers including palm routers, fixed base routers, and plunge routers as well as router tables and accessories!

Bosch Sanders

Shop a variety of sanders, including random orbit sanders, as well as sanding discs, dust bags, grinding wheels, and more.

Bosch Thermal Imagers

Shop a 12V thermal camera which features a fast thermal camera operation, integrated camera, and large, illuminated color display.

Bosch Electric Screwdriver

Browse quality electric screwdriver options, including a tool only option or a complete kit, to help you get the job done right.

Bosch Apparel

Work comfortably when you choose apparel items such as heated jackets, vests, hoodies, and more!

Bosch Worklight

Find a wide variety of portable and handheld or hanging work light options, including connected LED work lights, articulating lights, and stick lights to brighten your workspace!

Are Bosch tools good?

Tracing their roots back over 130 years, Bosch is a manufacturing pioneer whose name has become synonymous with engineering excellence. The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. Their selection offers professional-grade products for trade and industry professionals.

Bosch, a German company, remains a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of power tools, rotary and oscillating tools, laser and optical leveling devices, and more. The North American Robert Bosch Tool Corporation was formed in 2003 when Robert Bosch GmbH combined their North American tool and power tool accessory divisions into one.

They offer a wide variety of professional blue power tool options from Bosch, including corded power tools and cordless power tools. Bosch produces tools such as:

  • Drills & impact drivers
  • Drill/driver combo kit
  • Levels
  • Rotary hammers
  • Impact wrenches
  • Sanders
  • Grinders
  • Saw blades & electric saws
  • Oscillating multi-tools
  • and so much more!

What is the difference between the green and blue Bosch power tools?

Bosch green tools were designed for the casual DIY user while the Bosch Blue line of power tools were designed with professionals in mind. Bosch blue tools feature a heavy-duty and robust design meant for hard work while the Bosch green line works well for light duty, DIY projects around the house.

One of the main differences between Bosch green and blue tools comes down to their safety features. Because they were designed for heavy-duty, everyday use, the Bosch Blue power tool line features more safety features than the green tools. Though more expensive, Bosch professional blue power tools include safety features to protect against injury. These tools prevent kickback and, if a tool has a blade, they include sensors that prevent the blade from continuously spinning if the tool senses it was dropped. Additionally, in tools like their 1/2 sheet orbital finishing sander, they provide dust collection to help prevent the inhalation of dust while working.

Do Bosch blue batteries fit Bosch green?

No. Bosch blue batteries do not fit Bosch green tools. The blue and green batteries are not interchangeable. Bosch batteries typically only fit the line of tools they're designed to work with.

What is an angle grinder used for?

A versatile tool, angle grinders use a rapidly rotating disc that may cut, grind, polish, sharpen, or clean a variety of different materials. They often see use with difficult materials like brick, tile, stone, and more. You can use different types of discs to accomplish different tasks. Avoid using any damaged or broken discs as they can pose a safety hazard.

What does a laser level do?

Laser levels see use in construction and surveying industries for leveling and aligning applications. They emit a red or green line onto a horizontal or vertical plane. They see use where you need a straight and level reference point, like when hanging a picture. Many laser levels include or work with a tripod to provide greater stability.

Bosch's selection of laser level options includes:

  • Self-leveling crossline laser levels
  • Rotary
  • Three-point alignment
  • Five-point alignment
  • Crossline lasers with plumb points
  • Three plane leveling and alignment line lasers
  • Three-line lasers
  • and more

Manual levels require the user to level the laser manually, often using bubble vials. They also offer manual options like this line & point laser level.

Self-leveling laser levels typically use a pendulum and internal magnet to ensure a level reading. Depending on the type of laser, they may project vertical and horizontal lines or a single dot.

What is an impact driver used for?

Impact drivers drive fasteners and may see use driving large quantities of fasteners as well as larger screws. They use rotational force and a burst of power to help drive the screw even if the tool meets resistance. They have more torque than a drill and can drive fasteners into denser materials. However, they’re not typically designed to bore holes.

Bosch offers a wide variety of impact drivers and drill/driver kits, like this two-in-one bit/socket impact driver. The Bosch Freak impact driver features a half driver/half wrench design that uses a 1/4-inch quick-change hex shank for bits and a 1/2-inch square drive for sockets. They also offer this impact driver and drill/driver kit. It includes their PS31 12V Max 3/8-inch drill/driver, their PS41 12V Max 1/4-inch hex impact driver, two of their BAT414 12V Max Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Batteries, a 12V Max charger, two power drive bits, and a carrying bag.

Their 1/2-inch Brute Tough drill/driver features KickBack control to help reduce the risk of injury from sudden rotational torque reaction in a bind-up scenario as well as a precision clutch with 25 settings. It’s also engineered with Bluetooth connectivity when the optional Connectivity Tool Module is installed. It features an EC brushless motor that delivers 755 In. Lbs. of torque.

What does SDS mean in drill bits?

Designed by Hilti and Bosch in the 1970’s, SDS comes from the phrase “Stecken-Drehen-Sichern” or Insert-Twist-Secure in German. However, some debate exists as to what it stands for now. You can find SDS referred to as Slotted Drive System, Special Direct System, or Slotted Drive Shaft.

These drill bits include slots or indentations along the shank. They often see use in large rotary hammer drills because this design creates a stronger connection while the drill uses a back-and-forth hammer action.

You can often find SDS Plus and SDS-Max. SDS Plus refers to the modern standard SDS drills, which measure 10 millimeters. SDS Max drills feature larger drill bits, at 18 millimeters, with more indentations. These options see use in heavier duty work.

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