Bosch Power Tools

As a world market leader for both power tools and accessories Bosch Power Tools launches more than 100 new power tools every year. Bosch manufactures a variety of tools including: rotary and oscillating tools, laser and optical leveling devices, range finding tools, and more. Explore our selection of Bosch Power Tools for construction, metal working, or even engineering today!
Bosch Power Tools

What is a Bosch Power Tools jigsaw blade used for?

A jigsaw blade is commonly used for cutting wood, metal, and ceramic tile. These blades are able to cut through the materials straight or curved, depending on your applications.

What is a Bosch Power Tools grinder used for?

Also known as an angle grinder, side grinder, or disc grinder is a type of power tool that is generally used for grinding and polishing materials. This can be used in metal work, construction, welding, and more.
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