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Keep your Bosch tools running at top performance when you use the right Bosch battery! Bosch offers a variety of battery and charger options, including lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery chargers, portable power adapters, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find Bosch batteries and battery chargers!

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Which batteries are best for power tools?

Compared to traditional rechargeable batteries like nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride, lithium-ion batteries offer several more benefits. Lithium-ion (li-ion) use a smaller, more lightweight design and have a long service life. Li-ion batteries can also repeatedly recharge with little memory effect. They have overtaken nickel-cadmium batteries as the most common battery used in power tools.

Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd, NiCd, or NiCad) batteries suffer from the battery ‘memory effect.’ The memory effect occurs when these batteries repeatedly recharge before using up their stored energy. The battery then ‘remembers’ this shorter charge period and uses that as the new charge capacity. This leads to a shorter battery life. Additionally, NiCd batteries suffer from self-discharge when stored, meaning the battery loses charge while not in use.

Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from these same issues. However, a lithium-ion battery includes downsides of its own. While the likelihood of it happening remains remote, lithium-ion batteries run the risk of catching fire. They also tend to cost more than their traditional counterparts.

How long does a lithium-ion battery last?

Many manufacturers expect about 1,000 charging cycles or around a 3-year battery life. Bosch typically offers batteries with a 2–3-year warranty, depending on the battery.

How long a lithium-ion battery lasts can also depend on its storage. The charge of the battery when stored, the storage location, and the storage temperature can all impact the life of the battery.

Maintain the life of a lithium-ion battery with proper storage and care. Storing the battery in hot temperatures can cause it to break down faster. Keep the battery out of direct sunlight and store it in a cool, dry area.

Why choose Bosch?

Bosch offers quality tools for industry and trade professionals. The Power Tools division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories.

Bosch offers batteries and battery chargers for their power tools. You can find a variety of Bosch lithium-ion battery options like their single or two-pack 4.0 Ah CORE18V compact lithium-ion batteries. These batteries provide a lightweight, compact battery and feature a single layer of 21700 cells for greater battery efficiency. They use the Bosch-exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology which cools the battery 15 percent faster and provides 135 percent longer lifetime compared to similar non-CoolPack Bosch batteries.

Their 12.0 Ah PROFACTOR Exclusive options works exclusively with 18V PROFACTOR tools equipped with the BITURBO Brushless Technology as well as Bosch 18V chargers. Engineered with 21700 cell technology, they match the original two-layer 4.0 Ah battery only with improved performance per cell. Their 2.0 AH Lithium-Ion SlimPack batteries are compatible with all Bosch 18 V Lithium-Ion power tools.

Their PROFACTOR Performance batteries deliver 100 percent more runtime and over 75 percent more power than the CORE18V 4.0 Ah options. These PROFACTOR performance battery options feature a cutting-edge battery design that includes copper end plates, power rails, and a flexible circuit board for reduced resistance and increased efficiency. This flexible power system works with a full range of Bosch 18V lithium-ion tools, and they’re also optimized for use with Bosch PROFACTOR tools.

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