Bosch Demolition Hammers

Get the job done right with Bosch’s selection of demolition hammers, jackhammers, and breaker hammers. Bosch’s high-quality demolition hammers offer some of the best concrete removal ratings in their class. Shop HomElectrical to find Bosch demolition hammer options!

What is a demolition hammer?

Demolition hammers consist of heavy-duty tools designed to chip or break up concrete. They use a hammering action that delivers a strong blow. However, demolition hammers cannot drill since the bit does not rotate. Some options offer variable speed control that allows you to control the speed of the tool. Additionally, many options offer vibration control that reduces hand-arm vibration. Bosch offers some options, like this SDS Max Inline demolition hammer, which include a carrying case.

Demolition hammers differ from both rotary hammers and combination hammers. Rotary hammer drills use rotation along with a hammering action to break up concrete as the drill bit rotates. Typically, rotary hammers also offer the ability to turn the hammer action off. Combination hammers consist of a dual-mode hammer that can either drill or break up concrete.

What is a breaker hammer?

Breaker hammers see use in the demolition of concrete and other structures. You can often find them used in construction and drilling applications.

Bosch breaker hammer options include their Brute Breaker Hammer which features active vibration control. Their vibration control system includes an elongated air cushion in the hammer mechanism for all day use as well as shock-mounted handles. It provides the best concrete removal rate in its class! This impressive tool weighs 63 lbs. and provides 1,000 BPM and 35 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy. It may see use in heavy-duty applications such as asphalt work or foundation removal.

They also offer their Brute Breaker Hammer with a basic cart for more portability.

Why choose a Bosch jack hammer?

Jackhammers consist of pneumatic or electro-mechanical tools that combine the technology of a hammer with that of a chisel.

Bosch jack hammer options include this jack breaker hammer which features vibration control whose power-to-weight ratio, 22 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy at 38 lbs. of weight, provides a great removal rate. It delivers 1,300 BPM and uses 15 amps. This jack breaker hammer includes a vibration control system includes a longer air cushion in the hammer mechanism as well as a shock-reducing top handle. It handles heavy-duty applications such as outdoor asphalt work or foundation removal.

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