Bosch Worklight

Illuminate your workspace with the right Bosch work light! Bosch LED work lights provide hands-free lighting while you work. Bosch LED lights include stick work lights, articulating lights, connected work lights, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find Bosch work lights!

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What is a work light?

A work light offers a temporary lighting solution in spaces with dim or no lighting. They often work in areas where you cannot permanently install a light, like on a jobsite. These high-intensity, portable luminaires also make the worksite safer as they provide illumination while you work and lower the chances of an accident.

Work lights offer an easy and convenient way to brighten up workspaces, garages, or construction jobsites. They come in a variety of styles such as mounted on a pole, base, clamp, or suspended overhead. You can also find cordless work lights. Cordless work lights offer versatility and ease of use.

Why choose a Bosch work light?

Bosch LED lights include portable and handheld or hanging options.

Portable work lights can typically light up a large work area and may feature both an indoor and outdoor rating. They can easily transport between jobsites or work where needed. Bosch’s portable work light options include their 18V connected LED floodlight. This connected, high-powered floodlight features a bright 1,200 lumens. It offers a portable, cordless, and rechargeable lighting solution.

This LED worklight option features a hard rubber strap with mounting holes which allows for the light to be easily carried, fastened, or suspended from above. It also uses an 18V battery (not included).

Handheld or hanging lights allow you to bring the light where you need it such as in tight spaces. Bosch lights include handheld options like their LED stick work light. It delivers 180 minutes of runtime and features six powerful LEDs to supply 300 lumens. This light offers a six-sided shape so you can angle the light as needed. It consists of the bare tool only, battery not included. Their articulating LED worklight features a hanging hook which allows it to easily mount or position above the workspace.

Their connected floodlight options include this 10,000-lumen connected LED floodlight. It features a single high-powered LED to illuminate a very large work area.

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