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Bosch offers a quality selection of angle grinders, including PROFACTOR angle grinders, ergonomic designs, brushless tools, and more! You can also find accessories such as wheel guards, dust extraction guards, surface grinding guards, X-LOCK metal grinding wheels, and more. Find a quality selection of power tools from Bosch when you shop HomElectrical!

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What is an angle grinder?

An angle grinder, also referred to as a side grinder, consists of a handheld power tool with a rotating disc mounted at a right angle. They often include a guard to protect the disc. They may work with difficult materials such as stone, tile, mortar, and more.

Angle grinders often see use cutting, polishing, sanding, or finishing. They use an attachment sometimes called a disc or wheel. The type of attachment needed depends on the job. For example, you can find options designed for different tasks, such as cutting wheels, grinding wheels, polishing wheels, and more.

An angle grinder differs from a die grinder. A die grinder consists of a relatively small handheld power tool used for grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, and machining material. They include a rotating spindle with a collet that holds a cutting bit. The front of the tool holds a grinding bit. Angle grinders typically feature a larger size and more powerful motor. Die grinders work well in tight spots while angle grinders work well in larger projects.

Though often referred to as the same tool, an angle grinder can differ from certain disc grinders as well. An angle grinder consists of a handheld tool while a disc grinder can also include a heavy-duty piece of machinery. These types of disc grinders fix in one place and are not portable like a typical angle grinder.

What is the difference between a sander and a grinder?

Sanders typically see use as woodworking tools to help smooth surfaces or remove existing paint. They use sandpaper belts or pads driven by a motor to sand down a surface. Angle grinders use rigid discs and can also cut, polish, or finish materials depending on the disc used.

Why choose a Bosch angle grinder?

Bosch power tools deliver reliability and quality performance. They offer both corded and cordless angle grinders. Bosch angle grinders include options with X-LOCK designs. They boast that the X-LOCK mount allows for a wheel change up to five times faster than a conventional interface.

You can also find a Bosch grinder, like this 5-6-in PROFACTOR Spitfire Angle Grinder Kit, which offers PROFACTOR performance batteries. This allows a cordless tool to perform like a corded power tool.

This ergonomic angle grinder includes a narrow grip zone meant to supply all-day comfort and control. This lightweight tool also includes a no-lock-on features which means it shuts off the motor after releasing the paddle switch.

Their 6-inch angle grinder offers a two-position vibration control side handle for more comfortable use. The integrated acceleration sensor helps to mitigate inadvertent recoil.

Additionally, you can find a wide variety of accessories for use with their grinders. Their surface grinding guard works as a dust-extraction guard for their 7-inch grinders. You can also find wheel guards that cover 180 degrees of the grinding disk and feature a burst-wheel-proof design that contains wheel fragments in the event of a breakage.

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