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Take care of the tough messes in your workspaces with a Bosch vacuum cleaner! Bosch crafts quality products so you can meet the highest standards in speed, reliability, competence, endurance, and more. Get the job done right with a variety of handheld or wet and dry vacuums as well as their dust extractors and collectors. You can also find accessories such as bags, filters, and more. Shop Bosch’s professional blue power tools and vacuums at HomElectrical!

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What are handheld vacuums used for?

Handheld vacuum cleaners work well cleaning up small messes and messes in tight spaces. They offer more portability than a traditional vacuum to help maximize cleanup.

Bosch offers this 12V Max hand vacuum that uses the Bosch micro-filter system to capture 98 percent of particles. The flat-filter design also maximizes canister capacity. The lightweight, compact designs provide convenient portability and comfortable use. This option consists of the handheld vacuum cleaner, bare tool only, without the battery.

What does a wet and dry vacuum do?

Wet and dry vacuums, also called wet/dry vacuums, offer a versatile way to clean. They can clean up both wet and dry spills or messes, making them a powerful tool both in the home and on-the-job. Much like a traditional vacuum cleaner, they use suction to remove dry messes while also offering the ability to clean up liquids.

When choosing a wet/dry vac, consider where you plan to use it. Tasks around the home may use a small capacity wet/dry vacuum. Their tank capacity ranges between 2-6 gallons and these units tend to function at a quieter volume than larger ones. Medium capacity options, with a tank capacity between 6-14 gallons, work well for garages or basements. Large capacity tanks consist of 14–18 gallons and work better for heavy-duty or commercial use. They offer a high performance but the heaviest construction.

Bosch offers a 2.6 gallon wet/dry vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with a washable HEPA filter that captures up to 99.07 percent of particles at 0.3 microns or larger. It also uses rotational airflow technology which forces debris against the walls of the cannister in an effort to reduce clogging. It also comes with a complete set of attachments, including a carrying strap and three extension tubes as well as standard, crevice, bend/elbow, and floor nozzles. The GAS18V-3N models of cordless vacuums provide sustained performance with a long run-time using a CORE lithium-ion 8.0 Ah Performance battery (sold separately).

Why choose a Bosch vacuum?

Bosch manufactures high-quality power tools for trade and industry professionals. Engineered for excellence, these tools are meeting the highest standards in speed, precision, and robustness. Expect great, professional work results from your Bosch power tools.

They offer a wide variety of vacuums and vacuum cleaner accessories.

Bosch vacuum cleaners include their VAC090AH 9-gallon dust extractor which features a HEPA filter that captures 99.7 percent of particles at 0.3 microns or larger. The automatic filter cleaning aspect cleans the filter every 15 seconds to help maintain the maximum suction power. This dust extractor also features a strong airflow and suction power, delivering a maximum of 150 cubic-feet-of-air-per-minute rate (CFM), with a sustainable maximum 97 in. static water lift. To help protect the motor, it also comes equipped with a wet vacuuming water-level sensor that automatically shuts the vacuum down when the water level reaches maximum height.

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