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Sand surfaces with ease when you choose a sander from Bosch! Bosch offers random orbital sanders, random orbital finishing sanders, multi-hole hook and loop sanding discs, and more. Shop to find tools engineered for excellence from Bosch!

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What is a sander used for?

Sanders help smooth and finish surfaces using abrasive sandpaper. Sanding smooths out and removes imperfections in a surface. When painting, sanding helps to roughen a surface that would normally be too glossy for paint to stick to.

When choosing a disc, make sure to look at the grit. A higher grit indicates finer particles. This means that sandpaper with a higher grit number will be finer, or less course, than grit with a lower value. A lower number of grit means a courser sandpaper.

  • 60-80 grit: Course. Used for smoothing rough surfaces or rounding off corners.
  • 120-150 grit: Medium. Used for removing paint or stain or for general purpose sanding.
  • 180-220 grit: Fine. Used to sand a surface before applying a paint, stain, or finish.
  • 320-400 grit: Ultra or extra fine. Used for sanding between coats and helps achieve a smooth texture.

Lower, courser grit leaves behind more visible scratches. Typically, you follow the courser grit with finer grit to remove the scratches left behind.

What is a random orbit sander?

A random orbit sander consists of a tool with a round base. The base rotates in a circle while the whole pad moves in more oval loops. This seemingly random pattern helps to reduce or eliminate swirl marks in the surface. Random orbital sanders work well for quickly sanding surfaces like wood or woodworking projects. They may also see use removing paint.

Random orbit sanders differ from orbital sanders and belt sanders. Orbital sanders tend to move in one circular motion, which leaves swirl marks behind while a random orbit sander avoids leaving this pattern behind. Belt sanders work best for heavier-duty applications than a random orbital sander. These powerful tools may strip several layers of wood off at a time and work well for sanding rough surfaces quickly and effectively.

Why choose a Bosch sander?

Bosch offers power tools known for quality and excellence. Their selection of sanders includes random orbit sander, random orbit sanders and polishers, and multi-hole hook and loop sanding discs.

Bosch orbit sander options include their ROS20VSK random orbit palm sander that uses a variable-speed control. This sander offers an integral pad dampening braking system designed to prevent swirl marks as well as a microcellular backing pad to deliver a smooth, fine finish on both flat and contoured surfaces. It features a soft-grip top and body and an optimal on-board system for filtering fine dust. It also includes a soft sanding pad, dampening ring, microfilter dust canister, vacuum hose adapter, sanding disc, and carrying case.

Their 5-inch random orbit palm sander and polisher uses a single-speed control. It includes an anti-spillback canister design that minimizes dust spillback into the sander. Additionally, it features a low-vibration operation. This sander also includes Bosch’s hook-and-loop disc attachment which allows for a firm grip of the disc.

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