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Choose a quality, long-lasting tool when you use drills and impact drivers from Bosch! Bosch offers a wide selection to help you get the job done right. Find drill and driver kits, hammer drills, impact drivers, and much more. Shop HomElectrical to find Bosch impact drivers and drills!

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What is the difference between a drill and an impact driver?

A standard power tool in many toolboxes, a drill comes equipped with a keyed or keyless chuck that securely holds a drill bit. The bit rotates clockwise to bore holes or insert screws, bolts, and other fasteners. They can also reverse to remove the fastener. You can find both corded and cordless drill options and may see use with hard or soft woods.

An impact driver produces more rotational force and uses a burst of power, or impact, to help drive the screw. They use this bursting action automatically when the driver meets resistance in the material. Additionally, impact drivers also have more torque than a drill. While a drill can bore holes and drive fasteners, an impact driver mainly drives fasteners. Impact drivers work well installing fasteners into denser materials like hardwood.

What is an impact wrench?

An impact wrench sees use loosening and fastening nuts and bolts. They see use in applications that require more force than a hand wrench can provide. Impact wrenches deliver high torque while allowing minimal output on the user’s end.

They differ from an impact driver as impact drivers primarily drive screws while an impact wrench works with hex head fasteners like nuts, bolts, or timber screws.

What is a hammer drill?

Hammer drills combine the rotary aspect of a drill with a concussive hammering action. As the hammer drill spins, the bit chisels away at the masonry. This pounding force can blast through masonry with ease. They can bore holes in material such as concrete, brick, stone, and other masonry.

Though they appear similar to drills and impact drivers, hammer drills offer more power in the form of the hammering action. They also typically weigh more than a standard drill.

Why choose Bosch power tools?

Bosch offers a wide variety of high-quality power tools designed for industry and trade professionals.

The Bosch Freak impact driver boasts half driver, half wrench, all impact. The Bosch GDX18V-1860CN Freak 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch bit/socket impact driver includes the GDX18V-1860C 18V Brushless Connected-Ready Freak 1/4-in and 1/2-in Two-In-One Bit/Socket Impact Driver. It offers a 1/4-inch quick-change hex shank for bits and a 1/2-inch square drive for sockets and includes a 4X bit holder, four-piece bit set, and belt clip. This two-in-one bit/socket drive increases the convenience and power of the tool. It avoids torque loss through socket adapters or broken socket adapters. The efficient, brushless motor produces up to 1,860 In.-Lbs. of torque and up to 4,100 impacts per minute.

Additionally, you can find Bosch impact driver and drill kits, hammer drill/driver combos, impact wrenches, and more. Their Brute Tough hammer drill/driver delivers a next-gen hammer drill/driver design engineered with optional connectivity and a precision clutch. It comes with KickBack control to help reduce the risk of injury from sudden rotational torque reaction in a bind-up scenario.

They also offer options like this 3/8-in right angle drill and driver kit which features an ergonomic design that allows for drilling and driving in hard-to-reach places. This 1/4-in Hex brushless impact driver features an EC brushless motor to allow for greater motor efficiency. It comes as the tool only without the battery, but it does include four Impact Tough bits and a belt clip.

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