2XL is a leading manufacturer of products designed to keep customers and staff healthy. They provide wipes designed for everything from cleaning hands to wiping down high traffic areas. If you're looking to help spread cleanliness and tackle germs, try 2XL products today!

What are GymWipes?

GymWipes were designed to remove sweat and grime safely and effectively from gym and certain electrical equipment.

What surfaces can I use 2XL wipes on?

2XL's wipes are great for a multitude of surfaces! These include, but are not limited to, painted, steel, and rubber surfaces, gym benches, seat mats, yoga mats, chrome plating, tanning beds, handgrips, and electronic panels.

Where can I use 2XL products?

2XL strives to provide products that help tackle illness and infections throughout fitness areas like gyms and dance studios, grocery and food stores, hospitals, and more.
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