Founded in 1873, Garland Manufacturing has moved away from it's roots in order to try something new. They manufacture mallets and soft faced hammers to be used all over the world, and they are the only producer of rawhide mallets in North America. That's a far cry from repairing snowshoes! Check out Garland mallets if you're working on a project like leather working that needs a soft hammerhead.

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What are the benefits of using a rawhide mallet or hammer over something smaller like a claw or ball peen hammer?

Mallets are usually useful for tasks that require a softer blow than a hammer, and are typically used more with artistic pursuits like stoneworking or leatherworking. The mallet allows the user to apply some measure of force to a stamp or chisel, while still giving the user control over the intensity of their swing. This is much different from a metal-head hammer that's designed to hit with as much force as possible in order to drive a nail through wood.
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