Sprayon is a leading distributor of industrial grade cleaning solvents and machinery lubricants. They specialize in heavy duty paint removers, welding compounds to prevent spatter, and all-purpose lubricants. Browse through their wide selection of chemical solutions and solvents today!

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What is Sprayon moly chain lubricant used for?

Sprayon moly chain lubricant is a high viscosity oil and long lasting lubricant ideal for chain drives, link assemblies, conveyors, chain saws, manufacturing machinery, and other industrial equipment. It helps to reduce friction wear on moving parts and in metal-to-metal applications.

What is Sprayon zinc rich galvanizing compound used for?

Sprayon zinc rich galvanizing compound is a professional grade primer used to prevent rust on steel and galvanized metals. The zinc compound helps protect the base metal, while penetrating the area to prevent rust. Some of the most common applications are the following:

  • automotive
  • marine facilities
  • power plants
  • manufacturing plants
  • galvanized steel surfaces
  • welded joints
  • wrought iron structures

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