Arcair is a supplier of welding supplies and protective equipment. Their welding rods, or electrodes, are able to cut through almost anything and will grant you greater control of the welding arc. And be sure to use the anti-spatter to keep your tools, projects, and other accessories safe from possible damage. Venture through our selection of Arcair welding supplies for your applications at HomElectrical.

What are Arcair electrodes used for?

Arcair electrodes, also known as welding rods, are used during the welding process. These can be used for cutting and will also grant the user greater control over the arc.

Why use Arcair anti-spatter?

Anti-spatter from Arcair comes in either a dip or aerosol form. This lubricant is designed to protect surrounding projects, tools, or personal devices from being damaged by welding splatter. This is ideal for any welder either commercial or industrial.
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