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Union Tools is a leading distributor of high quality hand tools ideal for landscaping applications. They specialize in a variety of garden tools, including rakes, shovels, garden hoes, garden spades, and steel scrapers! Browse through our selection gardening tools today!

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What is the difference between a shovel and a garden spade?

Shovels generally have a broader blade, are curved inward and rounded at the end, while spade blades are generally more flat with straight edges.

  Shovel Spade
Blade Shape  concave shape with a rounded or pointed tip  Flat with a straight edge
Handle/Shaft long, straight handle short handle, D-grip or T-grip handle
Blade Size  large small
Best Uses Digging, breaking up, and turning soil Maneuvering through soils and had roots, and loosening up dirt


What size blade should I use?

The size of the blade you choose is completely dependent on the job that you need done. Larger blades allow for you to move through larger areas of soil, but are generally heavier to maneuver. Blades with sharp points are great for cutting through hard soil and roots, while flat blades are good for lifting up loose dirt.
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