Panasonic HVAC

The Panasonic Ductless Mini Split System is not only cost-effective to operate, but they are also reliable. Whether you're heating and cooling one room or an entire house, HomElectrical offers a wide range of Single and Multi-Zone Panasonic Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products. Shop our competitively priced selection and take advantage of FREE Shipping on eligible Panasonic Mini Splits!
Panasonic HVAC

Panasonic HVAC Accessories & Remotes

Panasonic provides HVAC accessories and remotes, including insulated refrigerant line sets, remote controls for select units, heat pump controller, power control boards, and more.

Panasonic Heat Pump AC System

Panasonic heat pump AC systems including single- and multi-zone mini split systems for energy efficient temperature control.

What is a Heat Pump AC System?

The Panasonic Heat Pump System consists of at least two units:
  • One or multiple indoor units also called an air handler.
  • Outdoor unit which is similar to a central air conditioner but is commonly known as a heat pump.
From the air it is able to draw hot or cool energy based on what the outside temperature is. If it is hot it will draw cool energy from the air to keep the inside at a lower temperature.

How is a Heat Pump different from an air conditioner?

Some of the advantages of a Panasonic Heat Pump Include:
  • More energy efficient as it doesn't create heat
  • Can be used all year long because it can heat and cool
  • Perfect for those living in moderate temperatures
  • The noise of the indoor system, while operating, has been reduced.
  • It can also be turned to a quiet mode by lowering the fan speed
  • Air sweep control makes sure that every corner of the designated room is getting air
  • Comes with a wireless remote so you can adjust the temperature, fan speed, timer, and more.

What are some similarities between a Heat Pump and air conditioner?

  • They are both powered by outdoor units.
  • Transfers heat from one room to another.

What are ECONAVI sensors?

These sensors allow the heat pump to achieve a greater energy efficiency.
  • It is able to detect when a person is in the room and lowers the cooling or heating operations when there is no one in the room.
  • When there is only one person in the room it will only send air in that direction.
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