SPC is a leading brand of spill containment products and industrial grade absorbents. They specialize in high performance cleaning supplies ideal for cleaning pertroleum and water based spills. Browse through their wide selection of heavy duty sorbents, oul sorbent pads, chemical spill kits, and more!

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What are R-Form Multiwik SOCs used for?

Re-Form Multiwik Socs from SPC are flexible tubes great for absorbing liquids. They are specially deigned to mold and conform around corners. Their flexible design also allows for easy wringing out.

What are SPC sorbent pads used for?

General purpose sorbent pads can be used to clean up oils, coolants, solvents, and other water-based fluids. They can absorb up to 20 times their weight, making them great for cleaning up large spills in manufacturing plants and other industrial applications.
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