Kolor Kut

Kolor Kut is a manufacturing company that specializes in lubricant and grease products that are ideal for testing oil and chemical fluid levels in fuel systems. This water gauging paste is an efficient way to measure liquid levels without having to do much work, and you can see quick color changing results where the liquid hits the paste. Perfectly measure oil and fluid levels with Kolor Kut's liquid finding paste and gasoline gauging paste!

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What is liquid finding paste used for?

Kolor Kut liquid finding paste is used to measure fluid levels. When it comes in contact with petroleum, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, ammonia, salt, or chloride solutions, the paste will immediately turn colors.

*Please Note* Machinery with heavy oil residue may take longer to complete the test

What is gasoline gauging paste used for?

Kolor Kut gasoline gauging paste is used to measure gasoline levels. When the paste is applied, it will determine levels of gasoline, kerosene, and other oils by changing colors once it has come in contact with water.

How do I know if the Kolor Kut paste is working?

Liquid Finding Paste: When this paste comes in contact with oils, it will change from golden brown to a bight red, to mark the level.

Gasoline Gauging Paste: When this paste comes in contact with liquid, it will change from a light pink to a bright red, marking the level.

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