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What are ground clamps used for?

Ground clamps are used in arc welding to make an electrical connection with a ground. A common arc welding system will consist of several electrical circuits. The ground clamp is a spring loaded or screw clamp that is used to secure the workpiece.

What are the different types of welding torch nozzle tips?

Fixed Threaded: maintains a fixed, consistent flushness relationship between nozzle opening and contact tip.

Adjustable Slip: allows welder to adjust the flushness relationship and provides improved access for cleaning.

  • nozzle is recessed inside the tip of the torch gun
  • nozzle clicks in place flush with the tip of the torch gun
  • nozzle protrudes the tip of the torch gun

Fixed Threaded (2 piece): maintains flushness relationship and offers easier cleaning and maintenance.

Spot Weld: provides solution for tack and spot welding with MIG.

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