World Dryer

World Dryer has been improving on the performance of hand dryers for more than 50 years. Their hand dryers, for example, perform more effciently than the competition and provide a convenient alternative to manually drying your hands and hair. On top of that, World Dryer's offerings can be used in a variety of locations such as schools, bathrooms, hospitals, and work spaces. Shop HomElectrical for a full selection of World Dryer products to fit all of your comfort needs.
World Dryer

World Dryer NoTouch Hand Dryer

With a quiet induction motor, automatic operation, and durability, you can add the World Dryer NoTouch hand dryer to sound-sensitive, light traffic areas with ease.

World Dryer Electric Aire Hand Dryer

Featuring a modern, stylish design and low sound level, you can find a quality World Dryer Electric Aire hand dryer for your low to medium traffic areas.

World Dryer Accessories

Find hand dryer accessories, including flat wall guards, HEPA filters, recessed kits, and more from World Dryer.

World Dryer AirForce Collection

With a modern, sleek design and antimicrobial technology, the World Dryer AirForce collection offers a hygienic and stylish hand drying solution.

World Dryer SLIMdri Collection

Discover automatic hand dryers that dry up to 40% faster than other dryers and offer ADA-compliance as well as energy efficiency with the World Dryer SLIMdri collection.

World Dryer VERDEdri Collection

With antimicrobial technology, you can find a hygienic and energy efficient automatic hand dryer from the World Dryer VERDEdri collection.

World Dryer Nova Series

With plug-in, push button, and automatic options, you can uncover a quality hand dryer from the World Dryer Nova series.

World Dryer AirMax Collection

The classically designed and vandal resistant World Dryer AirMax collection offers convenience with automatic or push-button options, 15 second drying time, and a low sound level so you can find the hand dryer you need.

World Dryer SMARTdri Collection

Uncover the World Dryer SMARTdri Collection, which features two models, 3-speed motor control, and a 10 second drying time in an energy efficient hand dryer.

World Dryer RA Series

Add the World Dryer RA series push button or automatic hand dryer to your business, school, or office for a long lasting and durable hand dryer that works well in quieter areas.

World Dryer XA Series

Discover a durable and long-lasting hand dryer from the World Dryer XA series.

World Dryer A Series

The World Dryer A series offers a standard push button hand dryer with a long life, low sound level, and a classic design so you can find the dryer that fits what you need.

World Dryer Airstyle Collection

The World Dryer AirStyle Collection offers a commercial hair dryer with an 80 second drying cycle, quiet operation, and push button design for use in sound sensitive areas such as schools, locker rooms, gyms, and health clubs.

World Dryer Baby Changing Table

Discover both vertical and horizontal, as well as stainless steel or polyethylene baby changing table table options from World Dryer.
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