World Dryer Accessories

The World Dryer Accessories Collection offers numerous replacement parts for your dryer needs. Whether it's replacement HEPA filters or recess kits, HomElectrical has a number of accessories to help you maintain your World Dryer appliances. Improve your business’ facilities with World Dryer today!

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What types of HEPA filters do you offer for hand dryers?

HomElectrical offers two types of HEPA filter replacements for World Dryer hand dryers. You can buy VMAX replacement filters in either a 1-pack or a 4-pack. You can also buy the replacement HEPA filter for the VERDEdri dryer.

What is a switch timer?

A switch timer assembly is a part used to control the timing of the airflow in the hand dryer. When the button on the front of the dryer is pushed, it switches on the timer which allows the fan to run for a designated time. HomElectrical has switch timers for a wide selection of World Dryer A series models.
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