World Dryer VMAX Hand Dryer

The World Dryer VMax Hand Dryer is a no-touch, hands-in vertical style dryer. This model is durable and quiet when operating, making it perfect for sound-sensitive, high-traffic areas. Shop HomElectrical to find a World Dryer to fit your commercial facilities today!

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Do you have to touch the World Dryer VMAX to use it?

World Dryer's VMAX hand dryer is a no-touch model. It offers a 25% greater hand drying cavity opening to provide a comfortable dry without touching sides of hand dryer.

Is this dryer hygienic?

This dryer is hygienic. World Dryer's VMAX hand dryer uses antimicrobial technology to reduce the build-up and spread of bacteria, mold, and fungus. It also uses a HEPA filter to remove contaminants from the air. You can find replacement filters here!

What are the benefits of this vertical model?

World Dryer's VMAX hand dryer is durable and theft resistant. It also has a water collection reservoir that eliminates water from collecting on the floor resulting in reduced maintenance.

Where should I install a VMAX dryer?

World Dryer's VMAX model is perfect for sound sensitive, high-traffic areas. Some examples would be washrooms in schools, offices, theaters, and retail stores.
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