World Dryer SMARTdri Collection

The World Dryer SMARTdri Collection offers advanced technology to ensure energy-efficient and hygienic hand dryers for your business. These customizable dryers can be modified to fit the traffic and special requirements of almost any washroom. Enhance your business’ facilities with World Dryer today!

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How do hand dryers work?

Hand dryers use high-power fans to create strong air pressure that blows water particles off hands.

How is the SMARTdri Collection customizable?

Hand dryers from the SMARTdri Collection offer adjustable on/off heating and 3-speed motor controls. This technology allows you to optimize comfort, sound, and energy efficiency.

You can also choose between a single-point nozzle (SMARTdri Plus) or multi-point nozzle (SMARTdri) to control air flow to fit any environment.

How is the SMARTdri Collection more hygienic than other hand dryers?

World Dryer’s SMARTdri Collection utilizes antimicrobial technology. Antimicrobial agents kill microorganisms and prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping your hand dryer sanitary from user to user.

How is the SMARTdri Collection energy efficient?

With a hand dryer from the World Dryer SMARTdri Collection, you can use up to 80% less energy. You can also adjust between on/off heating and 3-speed motor controls to further enhance the dryer’s energy efficiency.
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